Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Questions

Banquet facilities

Some of our restaurants have private dining space and special menus available for parties, receptions, meetings and entertaining. Just check with your local restaurant to see if banquet facilities are available. (To find the nearest location, go to the Find a Location section on our website.)

Gift cards

Houlihan’s gift cards come in denominations of $10 or more and can be redeemed at any Houlihan’s location. To purchase them online, go to the Gift Cards link at the bottom of the page. Gift cards may also be purchased at participating locations. Click the Find a Location link to find a Houlihan’s near you.

Dress code

We have one strict code – you’ve got to be dressed. It’s really a come as you are vibe and that goes for clothes too. We’re an everyday place and you’ll find all types in our restaurants. From jeans to suits to swank to shorts and flips in the summer. Be comfortable and just dress for your occasion. Let’s call it ‘individualist attire.’

Email club

If you’re a current member of our email club and need to change your email address, haven’t received your birthday/anniversary or other offer, or have other questions about the club, click here to inquire with your question. To join our email club, just visit the Join the Email Club section of our website and you can sign up online.

Menu items for children

Yes, we offer a kids' menu, and some stores may even offer discounted kids’ meals on certain days or times (just contact the restaurant for specifics). Items include chicken fingers, pizza, corn dogs, burgers, mac and cheese, and all meals come with veggies and dip, a kids' beverage and ice cream for dessert.


You can find our current menu by clicking the Eats and Drinks link on the front page of our website. Note that menus do vary a bit between restaurants to accommodate local preferences.

Nutritional information

We think that real cooking with pure, whole, quality ingredients is a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our menu offers indulgent, sharable and lighter dishes for those looking for lower-calorie fare. Check the Nutrition Guide for specific information on a particular dish. Please note that menu items do vary by location and the availability of produce and other ingredients. You can view any specific restaurant’s menu on the Eats and Drinks section of our website.

Menu prices

Our pricing may vary slightly by location to reflect market conditions and the seasonality of certain ingredients. Generally speaking, we’re a modern, progressive dining establishment with an open kitchen and prominent bar. We offer superior quality fare made from scratch at a surprising value. Appetizers generally range from $7 - $9, salads and sandwiches are in the $7 - $11 range, and entrees typically run $10 - $25 and everywhere in between. Our wine list runs the spectrum from value priced wines to middle-end and higher quality wines. While our pricing is competitive, our quality and flavor is noticeably superior.


Some of our restaurants do accept reservations while others have call-ahead seating. Just contact the restaurant directly to inquire (Find your nearest Houlihan’s by visiting the Find a Location section of the website. If you see a link to Make a Reservation your local Houlihan’s now takes online reservations.)

Special dietary concerns

We’ll do our best to accommodate special dietary needs. Just inform your server of special requests when placing your order. We do not provide specific gluten and dairy content information on our menu items.


Most of our items are available to-go. You can place an order in advance by calling the restaurant directly, or place your order on-site.

Vegetarian menu items

We do offer some items that are veg-based and more items that can easily be made vegetarian by 86-ing certain ingredients upon request. This includes items like our goat cheese bruschetta, stuffed ’shrooms, pastas and many different entrée salads. 


We consider our recipes company property and trade secrets, hidden in our underground lair for only our Chefs to see. Periodically, we’ll retire a recipe from use and may then share it with the world. But current recipes (either on our menus or in our library of current recipes), are off limits. Our huge investment in developing unique recipes, along with a serious commitment to purchasing the finest ingredients for cooking from scratch, separate us from the slew of casual dining restaurants out there, and we’re not giving that up. Even if you say pretty please.

Business and organization questions

Franchise and Real Estate information

Click the Franchise or Real Estate links on our website for information on opportunities.

Large parties

Most of our restaurants can accommodate large parties. Just contact the restaurant you plan to visit and communicate your needs. (See the Find a Location section of the website to find the location nearest you.)

Student inquiries

Due to the volume of requests, and the competitive nature of our industry, we don’t release proprietary business or marketing information. There’s a lot of info that can be gleaned from our website, and you’ll just have to do your ‘research’ in our restaurants and bars (assuming you’re 21!). But we didn’t say that.

Do you sponsor charities and organizations?

Thanks for considering Houlihan’s as a sponsor for your charity or fundraiser. These requests are handled at the grassroots level. Just contact the General Manager at your local restaurant. (To find the nearest location, go to the Find a Location section on our website.)


Email to request W2 reprints. Your email must include your full name, the last 4 digits of your social security number and the tax year for your request.