A little bio action

What we believe in:
  • Happy hour
  • Good tunes
  • Cooking from scratch with real, whole ingredients
  • Really good cheese
  • Celebrating anything, on any day, with wine
  • Live and let live
  • Good, thoughtful design
  • Listening to our employees and our guests
  • Lunch. Out of the office.
  • Betting on everything, from reality TV to the final four. We don’t do that, but we hear it’s fun.

That pretty much sums us up. If you must know more, we’re an American restaurant and bar serving quality food and drinks. We cook from scratch and purchase products you don’t find in most casual restaurants due to higher quality and therefore, cost, but our guests are discerning and know the difference is worth it. Because life’s too short to eat mediocre food. We’re still able to offer amazing value due to our size and volume, which puts us in a bit of a sweet spot — our pricing tends to compete with more casual restaurants, while our vibe and food quality is what you’d expect from classier joints.  

Our menu features center-cut steaks, flatbreads and artisan salads and sandwiches, along with an interesting, everyday wine and cocktail selection. We offer many dishes in both small and large portions and are dedicated to developing menu options that address ever-evolving consumer lifestyles — be it meatless, organic or whole grain items — and work with quality-focused partners.

Houlihan’s has just under 100 locations, primarily throughout the Midwest and the eastern U.S. Buildings feature design-forward finishes and architectural elements, and a custom, curated playlist that changes monthly. Most locations feature display kitchens, original artwork and patios designed for social lounging. Houlihan’s is privately owned by Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc. which developed and owns several restaurant concepts including Bristol Seafood Grill, Devon Seafood + Steaks and J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Grill. The company is headquartered in Kansas City.

So who’s Houlihan, is that the owner, you ask?  Not exactly. The first Houlihan’s was opened in Kansas City in 1972 by founders Joe Gilbert & Paul Robinson. The site was previously Tom Houlihan Men’s Wear, the finest haberdashery in town that dressed the city’s dapper men during the Mad Men era, eventually expanding to St. Louis. As Joe & Paul’s architect worked on their (yet unnamed) restaurant drawings, he labeled the plans with “Houlihan’s Old Place” as a placeholder. That name stuck, and Joe & Paul gained permission from Tom Houlihan to use it for their restaurant. Eventually, “Old Place” was dropped from the name and logo and today we’re known simply as “Houlihan’s.”

Tom Houlihan put quality above all and believed ‘there is no substitute for style.’  True to those roots, we’re committed to bringing you quality food and beverages, prepared on site with fresh ingredients — and delivered with unexpected details for a style that’s uniquely Houlihan’s.