Houlihan's recycles cork with ReCork partnership

Houlihan’s ReCORK Partnership

These corks are made for walking ReCork logo and a photo of a cork

We’re excited to announce our partnership with ReCORK, dedicated to recycling cork and giving it new life in sustainable footwear + other upcycled products.

Even though cork is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, most wine corks end up in landfills. And considering it takes up to 50 years for a cork tree to mature before being harvest-ready and then is only harvestable every 9 years, we’re eager to contribute to a sustainable use for something so time-intensive.

Please join us in donating your corks for a cause. Houlihan’s is one of the few cork recycling drop off locations in the city, so just bring your natural corks to your nearest location. As if you needed an excuse to drink more wine. Learn more about ReCORK.