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Who even is this ‘Houlihan’?

We’re glad you asked. The first Houlihan’s opened in a location that was formerly known as Tom Houlihan’s Men’s Wear. As a placeholder, the blueprints had it labeled with "Houlihan's Old Place.” Despite the fact that the namesake of our restaurant never actually set foot in it, the name stuck. Eventually, we dropped the “Old Place” and here we are.

Today, we lovingly call Leawood, KS our Headquarters/Home. And with many locations nationwide, you can get a taste of home AKA high quality, from-scratch food and crazy delicious craft cocktails, almost anywhere you go. Because life’s too short to eat mediocre food.

TL;DR: We’re pretty freakin’ awesome.


Much like a fine wine or a good stinky cheese (incidentally two of our very favorite things), we just keep getting better with age.

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Founded by iconic restauranteurs Joe Gilbert & Paul Robinson


The first Houlihan's menu featured an eclectic mix of classics and trendy options, including Escargot, Crepes, Steaks, Booze and more. Over the years, our menu has changed (the escargot had to go), but still features high quality, from scratch classics and trends. And Booze. Duh.

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Steve Carell worked as a server at Houlihan’s in Chicago sometime in the 80’s before he got an Office job and taught us all that the worst part about prison was the Dementors.

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We had something called a ‘Healthshake’ in the menu, made with raw egg, banana, honey, ice cream and yogurt for $2.25. Yum?

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Our second-ever location on Bourbon Street unfortunately closed. It has since become a Gentleman’s Club. So there’s that.

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Started serving personal-sized pitchers of LITs.

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For a brief moment we owned the naming rights to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ stadium.

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Got our 121,272 ‘like’ on Facebook

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Pitched an idea to our CEO to do an ‘Orcs & Forks’ LOTR-themed wine dinner. He turned us down.